Telecom services have been acknowledged globally as an essential tool for the socio-economic development of a nation. India is currently the world’s second largest communication market and has registered exceptional growth in the past few years. The Indian Mobile economy is growing rapidly will contribute approximately US$ 400 billion to India’s gross domestic product(GDP), according to report prepared by GSMA in collaboration with BCG.

Indian telecom sector was started in the year 1851 at Kolkata. Later in the year 1881, telephone services were introduced now. After the Indian independence the telecom sector was taken by the ministry of telecommunication which later came fully as a government ownership in 1984. Telecom became one of the fastest growing sector in India, as the subscriber increased exponentially.

The telecom industry is facing a daunting task as messages, calls, voice, text from the billions of subscribers need to be done efficiently. As the demands of the customer arises, quality of service is challenged.

Telecom industries seeks a different types of product device like router and switching devices etc. We help in providing operational efficiency in reduced cost, manufacturing product through new inventions thereby attaining our business objectives.

We capitalize on our business values and apply our business knowledge to meet the desired innovative solutions. We provide agile methods replacing high level design with frequent design.