Our Skill

our skills

We are reinventing the art and science of software development to create software in service of humanity for better worlds.

We help over 3,500 customers worldwide to efficiently achieve their goals. Some of them are walking The road to success with us for over 5 years.

Innovation, growth, work with different clients, show and apply a variety of skills, expanding the knowledge and expertise. This is only a summary of the opportunities Merger offers to people who Want to join.


Animation And Graphics

Data Base Management

Mobile App Development

At Merger technologies, our network is comprised of people with skills inside a range of different areas, so given a special need there is a good chance that we will be able to support it.

Our main business areas are:

  • Maintain Codebase of Proprietary Software
  • ERP Solutions
  • Front-end Solutions
  • Identity, Access and Single Sign-On Management Setups
  • Security and System Testing

Our main technical skill areas are:

  • C#.Net
  • MS SQL Server
  • Azure
  • Active Directory
  • Active Directory Federation Services 2.0
  • Identity Protocols and Technology; SAML, WS-Federation, OCES, Nem-ID
  • Certificate Authority
  • Ajax, HTML5, PHP, Android, IOS
  • Flash / Action Script
  • Unit Tests for Legacy Code