Enterprise Product Catalogue

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Merger Technologies enables you to go beyond a centralized product catalog to develop more agile product strategies and bring creative offerings to market faster and cheaper.

Today there can be anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of products or services in a large enterprise or telecommunications provider’s product catalog(s). Knowing that over time the number of products will grow and that both internal and external user demands will apply greater pressure for access and manipulation of that information – for improved time to market, creativity around new products/services, and product/service bundles that leverage location, presence, context, content and more – it is vitally important that companies have in place a robust, flexible, and simple-to-use enterprise product catalog.

The decisions made regarding an enterprise product catalog are critical to a company when introducing selling and billing systems. It impacts how the products are marketed, sold, bundled, changed, regional and partner differences realized, billed, etc. The Oracle Siebel solutions have very wide and robust sets of product modeling capabilities, and the difference between using them correctly or incorrectly (e.g. failing to consider change orders when designing the products) can mean years of project time and millions of dollars in direct and indirect costs. For telecommunications companies, migrating the customer’s book of business from one set of product models to another is a major investment that sometimes exceeds the cost of system feature development. It is absolutely critical to get it right.

Merger Technology, product modeling experts have decades of experience and hundreds of implementation reviews in successful product catalog deployments. Merger Technology can guide and drive a predictable, confident design and implementation of a new enterprise product catalog and/or sales product catalog for your company.

Leveraging the standard product modeling patterns and investigation processes available in the Merger Technology Products and Pricing Accelerator, your deployment benefits from the lessons learned and best practices developed through all of Merger Technology’s enterprise product catalog projects, dramatically reducing your long-term cost and risk.