BPO And Non-IT Services

bpo and Non it

Merger Technologies  since its inception has been dealing with various kinds of processes. But our prime and core expertise lies in ITes Service (Domestic & International).

 a) Outbound Call Center

With the explosion of companies offering products and services for sale on the Internet, there are now several ways in which a customer contact center can assist the web user with ‘live’ customer service as they order, request product information or simply browse.

Customer Support Executives can finish a customer’s incomplete order, suggest complementary products and services to those already ordered, complete final credit card transactions by telephone, guide customers through the process of completing an order, or help them find a desired location within a web site.

The advantages of web enabled customer interaction are numerous:

Convenience: Customers from any where in the world can be assisted by our representative, without disconnecting from the Internet.

Cross Selling and Up selling

While companies frequently move call center operations off-shore for better cost-savings, they routinely neglect the fact that only 21% of customer contacts lead to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, the true measure of a call center’s effectiveness. Nearly 60% of call centers fail to even practice cross- selling and up-selling during customer interactions. At that rate, those call centers will struggle to turn a profit.

“The most effective way to generate revenue through a call center is to strategically focus on cross-selling and up-selling new products,” says Merger Technologies senior analyst Inbound and outbound call metrics for the services industry — Up-selling and cross-selling strategies — Offshore outsourcing — Process efficiency and call center technology.

bpo and non it below

Merger Technologies is providing a verity of  services in the Back office Process to various clients, few of the services provided by us.

a) Back Office processing

c) Check Processing

e) Data Mining

g) Data Management

i) Pay Role Management

k) Legal Transcription

m) Accounting and Finance and So on

b) Business Transcriptions

d) Data Processing

f) Data Scanning

h) Form Filling

j) Litigation Support

l) Market Research & Survey


b) Inbound Call Center

Technical support services are provided to assist and promote the use of technology within a business environment. The Help Desk is the traditional mechanism for these technical support services, usually accompanied by on-site assistance, training and self-help programs.

Customer Interaction Services at Merger Technologies are tailored to provide superior customer interaction and hence leverage every customer relationship to the fullest. Our portfolio includes a whole gamut of customer facing offerings including 24/7 customer support through voice (in-bound and out-bound calls), e-mail and web mediums, telemarketing services and telemarketing outsourcing, technical support services and employee IT help desk services.

Pro B Services’ customized solutions can be implemented quickly, immediately providing your customers with superior care at lower cost. Merger Technologies solutions enable seamless communication with your customers and prospects through multiple channels – voice, email, web collaboration, self-help and more.

Help desks are now a fundamental and core part of good business service and operation.

However, addressing the tricky issues, selecting the right tools, and managing the help desk correctly can actually be a very daunting task.