Billing Systems

billing system
  • Merger Technology’s unique Architecture allows products, services and packages to be created, provisioned, billed and managed as an end-to-end process.
  • The Merger Technology’s software solution provides flexibility in the following areas:
    • Rating and Tariffing
    • Bundling and Packages
    • Mid cycle plan changes
    • Discounting
    • Payment processing
    • Reconciliations
  • Our service provider portal provides an internal view for your Operations and Finance functions, enabling administration with minimal effort.
  • The Rating component allow rate cards to be created, managed and associated with plans, including shifting rates based on time, quantity or usage, block partitions, and traffic zones.
  • Plans can be linked to easily build packages and apply discounts without needing to create countless plans that are both confusing and difficult to manage.
  • An end-user portal allows your customers to keep track of their usage, services and bills. They can make payments and manage their services reducing calls to your Customer Support.
  • Customer choice in how they receive their bills…
  • Bills are available online and received via email in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format in your colors and with your logo. Emersion also supports integration to external mail houses for paper invoice generation and posting.